Needle Visualization as
You've Never Seen It

AxoTrack on Sonosite


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Introducing Revolutionary Needle Visualization
The new, patented and revolutionary AxoTrack virtual needle technology provides a clear path, straight to the anatomic target, which gives clinicians the ability to quickly and more accurately perform needle guidance procedures.
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Soma Access Systems Videos

Needle Visualization Like You've Never Seen Before In the Soma Access Systems video viewing area, see AxoTrack virtual needle technology in action. The videos show central venous catheterization on actual patients and on human cadavers and live pig models and demonstrate how this revolutionary technology provides effective needle guidance. AxoTrack can simplify a variety of procedures including PICC lines, arthrocentesis, cyst aspiration, fine needle aspiration/biopsy, nerve blocks and paracentesis.



  • Soma Access Systems LLC is pleased to announce that Dr. Robinson Ferre will be making a poster presentation reviewing THE FEASIBILITY OF A NOVEL ULTRASOUND GUIDED VASCULAR ACCESS DEVICE: A PILOT STUDY at the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine March 29-April 2, 2014 in Las Vegas. The poster outlines the outcome of a study of a convenience sample of 30 patients undergoing central venous access to determine whether the AxoTrack® system would be safe and effective in performing real-time ultrasound guided central venous lines.

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