About Soma

Soma - Inspired by the Miraculous Neuron

As a solutions provider for the healthcare industry, we view our company much like the soma, or cell body, in the neuron. The typical neuron is divided into three parts: the soma, or cell body, dendrites and axon. The soma is usually compact, and the axon and dendrites are filaments that extend from it. Dendrites typically branch profusely, getting thinner with each branching, and extending their farthest branches a few hundred microns from the soma. The axon leaves the soma and can extend for great distances, giving rise to hundreds of branches. The soma may give rise to numerous dendrites, but never to more than one axon.

The multitudes of dendrites bring information to the soma, where mysterious and miraculous decision-making occurs. Nobody understands how this happens, but an unending stream of information from thousands of dendrites is processed in the soma, and one unique solution is transmitted as an impulse down the axon. This single impulse down the axon results in a cascade of subsequent impulses that control everything from thought to movement to emotion.

Just as the soma integrates information from the dendrites, our goal as a company is to integrate the latest information from medical science, engineering science, materials science, developing technologies, health care policy and clinical experience in order to create innovative solutions to medical problems. We strive to fill the gap between the catalog of science and the medical technology needed by physicians practicing medicine every day.