AxoTrack® Product Overview


Designed to Get it Right the First Time, Every Time

The new patented AxoTrack system with its revolutionary virtual needle technology provides a clear path, straight to the anatomic target, giving clinicians the ability to quickly and more accurately perform needle-guided procedures when using an AxoTrack-equipped ultrasound probe.1

AxoTrack is specifically designed to perform needle-guided procedures right the first time, every time by providing clear, uninterrupted needle visualization throughout an entire procedure. AxoTrack's proficiency has been repeatedly demonstrated in studies illustrating higher "first attempt success" rates for accurate needle placement. For example, when tested in vitro, an AxoTrack-equipped ultrasound probe resulted in successful vascular access on the first stick and first pass 99.3% of the time versus just 37.1% of the time when compared to the standard freehand method for ultrasound-guided central venous access.1

Safe Vascular Access in Three Simple Steps

An AxoTrack-equipped ultrasound probe has an integral needle guide and built-in needle position sensors. Together these project on the ultrasound monitor an enhanced virtual image of the needle as it moves through the tissue toward and into the target vessel. The procedure is performed in three easy steps:

First, simply align the on-screen target line with the target vessel displayed on the monitor.

Next, insert the needle through the needle guide in the ultrasound probe and advance the needle while observing its progress until the vessel is entered, which can be seen on the monitor and confirmed by the flash of blood in the syringe.

Finally, activate the needle lock on the probe to ensure stabilization of the needle before passing the guidewire into the desired vessel. The procedure is completed employing the standard Modified Seldinger Technique.

The potential benefits* of the AxoTrack-equipped ultrasound probe are clear for patients, physicians, and hospitals alike:

  • Safe, simple vascular access
  • Clinicians quickly and easily learn ultrasound needle guidance
  • Fewer sticks and reduced infection rate4
  • Lower risk of complications
  • Better quality of patient care
  • Easily integrated into most existing ultrasound systems with a software upgrade

*Contact Soma Access Systems for references.