AxoTrack® Training

Ultrasound Accuracy without Extensive Ultrasound Training

An independent, prospective, randomized, in vitro crossover study compared vascular access using the standard ultrasound-guided method to the same procedure using an AxoTrack-equipped ultrasound probe1.* Just 37.1% of procedures with the standard method were successful on the first stick and first pass requiring an average of 2.7 passes, compared with a 99.3% success rate on the first stick, first pass for the AxoTrack-equipped ultrasound probe1.*

One of the key system features enabling such a dramatic improvement is that the AxoTrack-equipped ultrasound probe allows the operator to clearly observe an enhanced virtual image of the needle throughout the entire procedure. The needle is visualized from the time it punctures the skin until the target vessel is cannulated and the guidewire is fed, which means no more disappearing needle phenomenon.

The risks of dangerous complications are minimized because the entire virtual needle and needle tip are visualized throughout the procedure1. No more guiding by sonographic artifacts – you know exactly where you are, and where you are going, every time.

Clinicians quickly and easily learn ultrasound needle guidance with an AxoTrack-equipped ultrasound probe. The emergency medicine residents participating in the above-mentioned in vitro study were competent with the probe after a 15-minute introduction and one or two uses on an ultrasound vascular phantom1.

*Introduced as ExactTrack in beta testing