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1/14/14 - FirstWord Pharma - Novel Ultrasound Guidance System Facilitates Supraclavicular CVC Insertion: Presented at SCCM

A novel ultrasound guidance system (AxoTrack) is safe and effective in facilitating central venous cannulation (CVC) insertion in the subclavian vein, according to a study presented here on January 11 at the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) 43rd Critical Care Congress. Read More

1/18/13 - Emergency Physicians Monthly - ED Innovation: AxoTrack Among the Best Apps and Gadgets of 2012

Between the Olympics and the elections, 2012 brought us plenty of distracting media to consume. Fortunately for patients everywhere, many research labs and companies remained hard at work with the aim of solving problems facing emergency medicine. Here we summarize 12 of the most impressive - or at least provocative - innovations of the year. Read More

1/03/13 - Healthcare Purchasing News - IV-site care: Improved practices, advanced technology reap optimal outcomes

If pathogenic organisms could love, they would l-o-v-e catheters. What better could they ask for to accomplish their mission of infection than to be routed directly into the source of life? Central line-associated blood stream infections (CLABSIs) are important and deadly HAIs [healthcare-acquired infections], with reported mortality of 12%-25%, the CDC tells us. That is the bad news, but fortunately there is also really good news on that front. In 2001, an estimated 43,000 CLABSIs occurred among patients hospitalized in ICUs [intensive care units] in the United States. In 2009, the estimated number of ICU CLABSIs had decreased to 18,000 ... an estimated 25,000 fewer CLABSIs ... than in 2001, a 58% reduction. This represents up to 6,000 lives saved and $414 million in potential excess healthcare costs in 2009 and approximately $1.8 billion in cumulative excess health-care costs since 2001. Read More

11/15/12 - Emergency Medicine News - AxoTrack Named One of 2012's Best Innovations

AxoTrack needle visualization technology was named one of the world's best innovations for 2012 by Popular Science. The device, invented by emergency physician Stephen F. Ridley, MD, combines traditional ultrasound imaging with advanced magnetics. While it was originally designed to improve the safety and accuracy of placing central venous catheters, the device is now used for a range of needle-guided procedures. Clinicians using the device are provided with real-time updates of needle position that can be visualized as the needle travels through the tissue to its intended target. Read More

11/14/12 - Popular Science - Soma Access Systems AxoTrackFoolproof catheterization, delivered.

When inserting a catheter into a vein, doctors can make mistakes that cause serious complications, such as punctured lungs. They often use ultrasound to visualize the body, but ultrasound can't clearly pick up a needle. AxoTrack makes catheterization almost foolproof by enabling doctors to see both the vein (with ultrasound) and the needle's location (with magnetic sensors) on one video screen. In tests, the device increased first-attempt success rates from 37 percent to 99 percent. Read More

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