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11/14/12 - WIS-TV - Columbia Doctor/Engineer/Inventor Praised for Major Invention

Dr. Stephen Ridley invented AxoTrack. Popular Science Magazine calls the invention "One of the Best of 2012!" Read More

11/14/12 - The State - Columbia physician's needle aiming device earns attention

The creation of a new medical device that allows physicians to more accurately insert needles into deep veins sounds like fiction.
A sketch on a cocktail napkin by a Columbia emergency medicine physician leads to eight years of tweaking designs, finding backers and clearing regulatory hurdles.
Finally, the effort pays off. Not only do major manufacturers jump at the chance to market the device, but Popular Science declares it one of the top new tech innovations. Read More

9/24/12 - ITN Online - SonoSite, Soma Access Systems Partner on New Needle Guidance TechnologyNew needle guidance solution helps make CVC procedures 'point-and-shoot' simple

SonoSite Inc., a subsidiary of Fujifilm Corp. and a specialist in bedside and point-of-care ultrasound, has announced a partnership with Soma Access Systems LLC to bring AxoTrack needle visualization technology to market on SonoSite ultrasound systems. This innovative technology combines traditional ultrasound imaging with advanced magnetics to provide clinicians with a real-time update of the needle position that can be visualized as it travels through tissue to its intended target. This capability is ideal for placing central venous catheters (CVC) as clinicians try to quickly gain vascular access while avoiding critical structures. Read More

7/23/12 - Scientific American - Patent Watch: Ultrasound Guide Probe Device

Ultrasound-guided probe device: When doctors inject a patient with a needle, they cannot see what they are getting themselves into. Underneath the skin, where they hope there is a vein waiting to be tapped, is a dark, mysterious world. This struck Stephen Ridley, now president and chief medical officer of Soma Access Systems in Greenville, S.C., as a problem. "You literally do this blind," he says. Read More

6/05/12 - New Zealand Herald - JAB PREDICTOR

It's no fun when a medic has to jab you half a dozen times to find the right place for the needle. The AxoTrack sterile procedure kit removes the guesswork. It uses sonograms and a virtual needle to pinpoint the exact path of a needle before it enters the body. The medic lines the needle up and a sonogram shows where it will go in the body. If it's not in the right place the medic can move it to a better location before actually jabbing you. That should save quite a few people from needless jabs. Visit Wired for further information. Read More

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