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3/20/12 - The Greenville News - Local medical invention receives approval

Soma Access Systems of Greenville has received regulatory clearance for a sterile procedure kit that researchers said is designed to help doctors and surgeons perform needle-guided procedures accurately and successfully – and reduce the risk of life-threatening infections. Read More

12/01/11 - Emergency Medicine News - Technology and InnovationsReal-Time Needle-Tracking

Vascular access procedures have inherent risks that can cost patients their lives and hospitals millions of dollars. ExactTrack, a procedure probe created by SOMA access systems, was created to minimize those risks. Read More

10/11/10 - GSA Business - Tip of the NeedleDoctor believes invention of better needle visualization will curb injury

Dr. Stephen Ridley sought a better way for doctors to visualize the path to insert a needle into human veins and arteries, a new tool to reduce or eliminate infection and injury. If his ExactTrack vascular access probe receives FDA approval, he believes it will save tens of thousands of lives annually and save millions of dollars in added healthcare costs. And his company, SOMA Access Systems, organized with Greenville venture capitalist Dexter Hagy... Read More

10/09/10 - WIS TV - Columbia doctor invents needle that could revolutionize the industry

Stephen F. Ridley, MD, a doctor in Columbia, has invented a new way to insert a needle into the human body for certain procedures. It sounds pretty basic, but it very well may revolutionize a particular area of medicine. Plus, it's expected to save tens of thousands of lives each year, and save millions of dollars in healthcare expenses. Read More

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