AxoTrack® Product FAQs


What is AxoTrack?

AxoTrack is virtual needle technology that provides real-time needle tracking throughout the entire procedure. An important benefit of this technology is, for example, uninterrupted visualization during vascular access from skin puncture to cannulation of the desired vessel and guidewire passage, which minimizes many of the risks associated with the procedure.

Why should you consider using AxoTrack?

There are significant risks associated with needle-guided procedures that can cost patients their lives and hospitals millions of dollars. This revolutionary virtual needle technology, when tested in vitro in vascular access procedures, reduced the number of needle sticks and needle passes, time to perform the procedure, and backwall punctures1.

What does the AxoTrack system include?

An AxoTrack system is a complete needle visualization and guidance system composed of:

- AxoTrack virtual needle technology that integrates into an ultrasound probe designed with built-in needle position sensors and an integral needle guide

- An AxoTrack sterile procedure kit including: an injection-molded sterile probe shield that enables sterile technique, a needle guide, a needle with magnet, a cable sleeve, and two elastic bands

- Patented features of the sterile probe shield specifically designed for ergonomics, needle control, and target stability – for example, a patented integral needle lock that provides precise needle-depth control at the critical moment of a needle-guided procedure

Taken as a whole, the AxoTrack system provides uninterrupted real-time needle tracking throughout an entire procedure, facilitates optimum site selections, and provides increased precision and control during delicate procedures.

How does AxoTrack work?

AxoTrack is a revolutionary needle visualization and guidance technology that combines traditional ultrasound imaging with advanced magnetic technology. It operates by using a probe equipped with both magnetic sensing capability and an ultrasound transducer. The transducer is used to generate an ultrasound image of the target of interest. The magnetic sensing capability is used to detect the presence and position of a needle equipped with a small magnet. From the needle position information, a virtual image of the needle is generated and combined with the ultrasound image to form a complete, composite image of the operative site: the target, the needle, and the area surrounding the target. All in real time. From the beginning to the end of the procedure.

This unique technology enables physicians to precisely plan their approach to a subcutaneous target, to observe in real time the progress of the needle as it travels through tissue to or, if desired, into the intended target, and thus to carry out the procedure with confidence.

AxoTrack can be used with many, if not most, needle-guided procedures, and the process for using AxoTrack is similar in each case. For example, vascular access procedures are performed in three easy steps:

First, simply align the on-screen target line with the target vessel displayed on the monitor.

Next, insert the needle through the needle guide in the ultrasound imaging probe and advance the needle while observing its progress until the anatomic target is entered, all of which can be seen on the ultrasound image.

Finally, activate the needle lock on the probe to ensure stabilization of the needle before passing and observing the guidewire as it enters the desired vessel. The procedure is completed by employing the standard Modified Seldinger Technique.

What potential* benefits does AxoTrack offer?

  • Safe, simple access
  • Fewer sticks and reduced infection rate2
  • Better quality of patient care
  • Lower risk of complications
  • Easily integrated into most existing ultrasound imaging systems in a straightforward manner

*Contact Soma Access Systems for references

How much training will I have to do to learn how to use AxoTrack?

Clinicians quickly and easily learn ultrasound needle guidance with the AxoTrack-equipped ultrasound probe. Emergency medicine residents participating in an in vitro study were competent with the AxoTrack-equipped procedure probe after a 15 minute introduction and one or two uses on an ultrasound vascular phantom1.

Does AxoTrack have other applications?

Potential additional applications include:

  • PICC lines
  • Arthrocentesis
  • Cyst Aspiration
  • Fine Needle Aspiration/Biopsy
  • Nerve Blocks
  • Paracentesis

Can I use AxoTrack with my current ultrasound machine?

AxoTrack can integrate into most existing ultrasound imaging systems in a straightforward manner. Contact your ultrasound OEM representative or Soma Access Systems to inquire about how to acquire the AxoTrack system.

Is AxoTrack available now? How can I get AxoTrack for my hospital?

Call 864.240.7400 or email for information on current AxoTrack-compatible ultrasound probes.

1. Ferre, R.M., et al. The Use of a Novel Device Improves Real-Time Ultrasound Guided IV Access. Supplement to Annals of Emergency Medicine. Sept. 2010;56(3):S74.   Download PDF

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